China-Association has established long-term strategic partnerships with many domestic enterprises. The fields cover chemical, manufacturing, consulting, and consumer goods industries. The types of enterprises include the world's Fortune 500 enterprises, domestic private enterprises, and innovative enterprises. List of cooperative enterprises: Bosch, Dentsu Group, PepsiCo, Chemtura, American Standard, Nike, Ingersoll Rand, IBM, C&D Group, TRW Asia Pacific, Dupont, Starbucks, Jinko Solar, Tyco Electronics, etc.

In addition, China-Association also has a wealth of overseas corporate resources to visit: Google New York headquarters, Citibank Global Headquarters, Bloomberg Global Headquarters, KPMG Boston Headquarters, IBM Global Headquarters New York, Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, etc. For candidates interested in finance, CAC can arrange interviews with American financial tycoon Greenspan and Warren Buffett and can help candidates participate in their shareholders' meeting.