Ms. Anita Bao is a senior career planning and human resources expert. She has also obtained international MBTI personality analysis certification and NCDA international career planner CDP certification. She has 15 years of experience in the personnel consulting industry and has an overseas master's degree. As a partner of China Association, she successfully helped GE, NIKE, DUPONT, Ingersollrand, BASF, Novartis, Chemtura and other multinational companies to recommend senior managers, senior executives in finance, personnel and business related departments in China and Asia Pacific, and established a wide range of workplace connections. Ms. Anita Bao is keen to participate in public welfare activities and help the workplace to relieve occupational anxiety and stress and provide appropriate psychological counseling.

Ms .Cicily zhou is an expert in background improvement and career coaching. She graduated from Cornell University in the United States and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Psychology at Chinese Academy of Sciences. She has been certified by the International MBTI Personality Analysis and the China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center for career planning consultants (intermediate). After returning to China in 2014, she joined Juyin Education and devoted herself to online teaching and offline activities for personality analysis/career planning. In addition, she is an active participant in internet and fintech (blockchain) industries as she has a passion for up-coming industries, which helps her gain an in-depth understanding of what kind of talents that future companies/industries need and how to cultivate talents in their early stage. As a former study abroad student and an American work visa recipient, she can share with parents and students how to adapt to overseas study/work environment and how to plan for a career path that suits each individual.